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Whoa there buddy, I’m not saying I’m great.  Never did, and I won’t.  I’m just surrounded by this type of attitude.  I work with a number of Suicide Girls (not really my favorite subject, but I get along with them and they trust that I won’t take advantage of them) and this came from guys who really just want to get them over to their homes and get creepy.  I don’t really care if somebody is a solid shooter, if they have fun and enjoy what they’re doing I can respect that; what I don’t appreciate is the arrogance I’ve encountered as of late.  I am doofus; not going to lie, I’m also socially awkward and I don’t really enjoy shooting people… I also don’t really feel that motivated to prove myself on this site.  If you’ve seen my responses to critiques I think (hope) you’ll find I’ve been respectful  of others work.  I’ll do my best to help people as long as they show an interest and/or appreciation for their craft and subjects.  All in all enjoy coming on here and seeing what people have going on, sometimes it’s funny, sometimes it’s frustrating, but I really don’t put too much stock into this site rather than being an amusing distraction.  All I really hope for is that we, as photographers, can become a little more cognizant of our behavior and attitudes towards our subjects, each other and the general public.  Bad grammar has been noted as well, this may not have been my proudest moment… and yes, feel free to tell me this is a cop-out; probably is… I do wish you all best of luck in your endeavors.  Sometimes a guy just needs to scream out his frustrations, I did, and that is all.