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Manual Mode

Ok, long time lurker first time poster here lol. Some of the stuff on the forums here is just amazing and I feel I have to chime in.

@theflyingkitty When I read your #2 above the first thing that popped into my mind was who in the world would ever buy a thousand dollar camera then let someone else shoot with it. It was then that I remembered a softball game I went to for my niece, the “team tog” had just bought a Canon 7d and was shooting on high speed mode in auto because he wanted to catch the ball leaving the pitcher’s hand.  It was pretty apparent that he had gotten the shot he was after because of his chimping. Come to find out that he spent the entire week before the game uploading 17gb of .jpg photos he had taken the week before where he almost got the shot. It was at this point that I realized that there are people that buy the big cameras and just don’t have a clue.

Sorry its kind of a pointless story for my first post but there ya go I suppose 8)