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My first encounter with a faux was about 7 years ago. my mother hired a photographer to come to her home and photograph my sister and I and all her friends. Group photos and individual sessions for those that wanted them.

When she arrived we found out we were the first to hire for this type of in home session. We thought that was really cool, and told her we would help spread the word because we thought it was a great idea. she was tethered and we were able to review the pictures instantly. We were told “they will be photoshopped” each and every time we saw any sort of problem. bad exposures, bad color, bad lighting blah blah blah the whole nine. We had fun, and had lots of laughs and as lay people we thought once they were edited AKA “photoshopped” they would look much better, and all we had to do is pick poses that we liked or felt we looked good in, and they would be “fixed” for us like we were told. It was hard to see most of them due to blow out and blur (yes, she even claimed to be able to focus them better with photoshop, and correct shadows). We ordered our favorites , paid our money, and waited for our prints and CDs (for those who bought them) to come in the mail. lol God they were awful!

Long story short, and about $2,000 later, we sucked it up to a lesson learned.
Did we look up her port? No, we were given an ad (flyer) and responded to it. “That sounds like fun! The photographer comes to your house, and sets up. We can drink and be Merry and make a party of it. How cool is that?!”

People take things at face value. Never once did I think “Maybe this person isn’t a photographer. We should ask to see a portfolio”. Why would anyone ever say they can do something they don’t know how to do?!

Yes, I have since learned and even learned that what she does has a name “fauxtography”. Yes, I think people are getting smarter and more leery/careful, but… Back then, not too long ago if my wedding planner recommended a photographer, I would take that recommendation if it fit my budget, no questions asked because “of course they know what they are doing. They shoot weddings for Pete’s sake! Who would ever take a wedding on that didn’t know what they were doing?!”. And let’s not forget that EVERYTHING can be fixed in that magical program we call photoshop.

Lay people aren’t stupid, they are just ignorant to the photography world, and expect professionals to be just that, professional. They don’t know about this developing fantasy world full of rip offs and delusions perpetuated by comments like “awesome! Great shot! You should do this for money!”. Unless they have already been duped or have gotten into the DIY photography craze and have taken the time to learn a thing or two because of their interest in photography, they believe when they hire a photographer, they are hiring a photographer.