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I know this bridge – if I am not mistaken, it is the Vincent Thomas Bridge that connects Long Beach to San Pedro, very nice area for those industrial shots.
I was going to add that the first one looks a little too warm to me, but you have a problem with trying to correct the lighting. That area uses a lot of harsh mixed industrial lighting that does not help trying to capture the correct color very well.  You can see the orange glow from the sodium halide lamps at the base of the bridge and in between some of them are some mercury vapor and/or high intensity fluorescent  lights that throw off a extremely white to green tint.

The reason I bring this up, is going with a night shot poses color correction hurdles that are not easily remedied, throw in some light cloud cover and you intensify the light glow problem.  The clouds act as a giant ass reflector in the sky.

Going with ebi’s idea and shooting earlier in the day can overcome that or use a composite image shooting the sky during the day and the bridge at night, maybe?

I like the images, the composition is better with the second one, IMO, but good vantage points are not the greatest for this bridge.
In the 2nd photo, noting major, there is a leaf or something in the upper right-hand corner, should probably be cloned out. Looks like it was not intentional like a gobo.

Nothing to do with your photos, but isn’t this the bridge that Tony Scott committed suicide on?  not that it matters any.

Nice shots, I think.