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I’m really creeped out right about now CameraClicker.  Like WTH?!  Creeped out lol  Guess what I did directly after posting this sappy crap post?  I cleaned my kit, updated firmware, organized my files, cleaned out my computer desk, and cleaned house while listening to my music.  Then I got out my physical paper portfolio and thumbed through it.  Confirmed to myself that I’m not at a stand still and that I HAVE improved (Good lord!  There were some in there that just made me laugh), and then I turned it all off and enjoyed my day.

Just checked my email this morning, and I received a comment on my online port, that was exactly what I needed to hear.  I have a suspicion it may have been one of you (or someone reading this) who left it, because the timing is just too coincidental.  If so, Thank you, it made me smile and giggle rather than eye roll and groan.

While buying gear isn’t the best idea there was still something to nesgran’s suggestion that hit me.  I’ve decided to buy a couple rolls of film for my brownie for me to play with, and WAIT a few months until I have ALL the funds to buy anything else photography related.

Pressure’s off… and the Zack Arias video was a great reminder.  “At art school we were always told to not worry about creating ‘art’”  Thank you emf I’ll remember that one.

I’ll get out of this funk, but until then… I think I’ll take a break from even trying to get out of it (just saying that makes me feel better).  Happy Holidays everyone.  Thank you for helping me think this through.