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Well, I’m back.  The shoot went off the rails immediately due to scheduling problems but no one seemed to mind.  We went to dinner and I came back with 168 frames.  There are several I like, several more that are acceptable, and lots that are ho hum or just plain bad.  That’s how it goes when working with kids, pets, or shooting candid photos.


So, how to get your groove back?  Probably by fixing a bunch of stuff in your life that’s dragging you down.  How about cleaning your gear, putting it in your cases and on a shelf.  Then, vacuum your carpets, sweep your floors, clean your windows, dust your shelves and desk.  Organize your computer files.  Wash the car and clean the interior.  Clean the kitchen and washroom.  Wash, dry, iron and fold/hang all the laundry.  Have a nice dinner and good nights sleep, possibly enjoy extracurricular activities too.   Still not feeling it?  Put your feet up and relax.  Contemplate the possibilities, or catch up on correspondence with far away friends and family.  Visit a gallery, museum, or take in a movie.

Sometimes I watch favourite movies, other times I go into the shop and cut big pieces of wood into little pieces with a power saw.  Neither occupation is productive, but my mood improves and thus, so does my perception and energy.

We can suggest a lot of different things, but you have to find your own path.  Driving a car usually relaxes me, driving usually stresses my wife.  Our tolerance for some things is quite different and for other things it is quite similar.