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@emf – I’ve always thought about having some “stock” images of perfect skies in case the weather isn’t cooperating. You’d have to take a bunch of shots from various angles to make sure the light is correct, so that threw that idea out the window for me. I’ve been really, really lucky with the places that I visit, but I also plan with a lunar calendar for the times we travel – perhaps that has helped? I dunno.

As far as how I feel about composites – I’m honestly fenced. On one hand, you can recreate what you think the shot would look like with perfect skies. On the other hand, the shot means so much more if you’re experiencing firsthand what it actually does look like with what you’ve got. Tough choice. If I can, I just come back to the same spot later in the day and hope for the best. If it’s not there, then I’ll try to leave sky out…”Play with the hand you’re dealt” approach.

– I know…I still refuse cutlery regardless of the size of the pizza. I suppose I’m the savage. Do you get to eat any of that or do they tend to substitute a lot in the food photography you do?