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Jlui – Tuscans. they never cut their pizza. Most places do. But i like to think of a personal pizza as a meal that you eat with a fork and a knife. And also, sometimes those thin crust pizza’s don’t hold up under the weight of all those ingredients.

iliketag – It’s not always me. It has a lot to do with whomever is styling the food. I’ve come to trust a lot of restaurants that have the right aesthetic to do a great job. Sometimes they miss it though. You can really tell by the detail of the restaurant if it’s going to be styled well. Other than that it’s finding the best angle to shoot it at and, of course, the light. It’s usually indirect and often diffused. I then put black cards around the table to kind of channel the light and make it more directional. If the shadows get too deep on the shadow side, I flip the black to white. To give you an idea of the kind of light I work with this is the light that produced this image.