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I often eat pizza with a knife and fork – I think it depends on the pizza đŸ™‚

, can I just ask a question, you’re talking about luck of having good skies etc. do you just go back if it’s not, or do you ever do composites? I.e. add a good sky in post. I get that it’s better to go back, get it right in the camera etc. but sometimes it’s not an option, eg if you’re on holiday etc. My dad loved landscape photography, but in this country, the sky is often rather dull, so he had some back up negs just of good skies that he would use to make composites with negs where the sky was lacking but were good otherwise.

I’ve done the same in digital with places I’ve been on holiday and unable to return to etc.

So, just wondered if you did this/how you felt about it etc?

@ Ebi, it was very interesting to see your work, the drinks one looks completely wonderful!