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I work a lot with models and most of them don’t wear very much during a shoot ; )

When I started working with models about 5 years ago I was amazed that so many seemed willing to take their kit of in a strangers spare bedroom and then get crap pictures in exchange . So I started a couple of pages on sites like Model mayhem and their UK equivalents.

After about a year I asked for a critique of my portfolio on one of these sites. I was gobsmacked! No one even mentioned my photography! They all just harped on about the fact that I put a border around my images?Apparently that’s the 8th deadly sin!  And how dare I say things like ” We are a proper studio with years of experience” as apparently that meant every photographer who doesn’t have a studio is rubbish!

Moral of this story? Not sure if there is one, but there will always be girls who are stupid, and there will always be blokes to exploit them.

I tried to help the situation in my area but even in rural UK there are more girls who think they are models than I can handle!