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@ ebi  damn you must be watching me or something.  I’m not gay and really have no drive to shoot fashion, but not to sound too jumpy, if it paid well, then I would do it.  Photography is photography, but my heart would not really be in the right place for that type of shooting.

The good thing is that I am married already, and not looking to “bang” young models.  Don’t get me wrong, having attractive women to shoot is great, a bonus if she is taking some clothing off or has none at all.  As a guy, I am full lesbian and damn proud of it, but not looking to loose my house and all my cool camera gear for a piece of ass.  Sad thing is I am that good intended broke straight guy in the suburbs struggling, lol.

Never really thought of looking at the agency side for fresh talent, will have to give that a try.  Thanks ebi, thank you a lot.

I live just a short drive outside San Diego, California and go between here and Philadelphia from time to time.

The only thing that really sucks is the property costs are extremely high here, so I do not have a studio of my own as of yet, but I do have one I typically rent when the need arises.  Many of the girls I talk to often request a studio setting, not sure why, but they do.  I think they seem to think that every photographer comes with a studio, or they give them away with the cameras.  I like shooting in the studio, but not every shoot calls for it, and trying to convince some of these girls that I know what I am talking about is sometimes a bit tricky.