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I guess I should have mentioned it in the post earlier but I think the thing that is most bothersome to me is how predatory these ads on Craigslist are or at least they seem that way.  I don’t know these people and hopefully never will.  I get asked a lot when I am out shooting or by clients during a shoot about “these Guys” or what some call GWC’s “Guy with a Camera.”

I explain to most what my take is on it and to women especially I say to always be extremely careful when and if dealing with GWC’s.  I’m a guy and I have a camera but I don’t want to be a GWC, if you catch my drift.  I just get the impression that most of these ads on Craigslist are from GWC’s and I get this mental image in my head of this girl thinking big dreams of getting great shots for nothing, only to realize that the guy sucks at photography and just wants to get laid or see a girl do what ever to get ahead.  Maybe I have seen way too many Lifetime movies or something, not sure.

@ ebi, that sucks what happened to you and I can relate.  I have been burned so many times I can’t even begin to count the times.  I usually go into a situation now anticipating the worst and hoping for the best, this way I don’t feel down on myself if things don’t work out.  It’s a shitty way to look at things but way better then beating yourself up afterwards.

By the way, I am totally with you on the dealing with people in person.  I am kind of old school in that fashion, where I mean what I say and my word still holds value.  I don’t mind using e-mail and texting to set up a meeting, but I still like meeting people before working with them.

I used Craigslist for a time to get some models when I first bought my lighting gear and wanted to try it out and get a variety of looks.  I got 1 offer and 10 SPAM emails.  I turned to Model Mayhem for a bit, no better.