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@nesgran  – I probably should have elaborated on that part.  True , the impression people get when you have your own studio is that you are more legit then a Guy With a Camera.

I usually test “models” out with a natural or urban setting before making the move to a studio environment.  I have plenty of nice scenery around town to provide good backdrops.  Now if they were doing implied nudes or nude shoots, I would suggest a studio for the privacy.  In the past I rented out luxury hotel suites, this way I don’t have to bring furniture or props, they are already there.

I guess what I was trying to say, is that the “models” I would get had a different expectation of what a studio shoot was.

@ ebi – funny thing is, one of the first model shoots I did wound up in the girls bedroom.  I was big time green for model shoots then, but I wanted the experience.  It started out as a beach sunset shoot with some strobes and a softbox and wound up doing a girl on girl half-naked lesbian shoot.  Totally was not expecting that.  Trust me when I say nothing happened, it wasn’t as glamorous as it might seem.

@ WCS – true the model shoot on the beach I did where it ended up in her bedroom.  I was amazed how quick they were to take what ever I asked to take off.  Truly their taste in clothing was very distracting and had too many things that just dangles in the wrong places, lol.

BTW , I’m not one for adding borders unless it adds something to the photo, but in my opinion, it usually doesn’t, but that’s just me.  I have seen some photogs adding those grungy borders and I am not too sure they work, but then again, thats just me.