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It’s incredibly hard to get sharp faces, they all jump the moment the flash goes off ;_;

My set up leaves much to be desired, I just grabbed what I had so I had some good pictures to showcase for people interested in my litters(you won’t believe how many people are interested in pet rats, I almost had a fight happen for the the little dumbo girl D: ) and decided to do some snake pictures while I was at it ^^


Next time I take pictures, I’ll have to have someone help me so I can get more angles and fix the depth of field! My camera is on a tripod and I’m using aperture to press “capture” so I have free hands to catch the baddies that want to escape lol
It’s zoomed in all the way right now, and that’s what probably causing the shallow depth of field, I have to get the thing closer to them, which means getting it off the tripod.

This is exactly the kind of advice I was looking for! Thank you!

I’ll have to make a trip to the store today and get supplies, I was planning on photographing the girls today, and I’ll ┬ádefinitely keep all the advice given in mind ­čÖé


I have quite an array of pets! I have 4 snakes and probably around 25 breeding rats right now! I mostly breed them for feeders, but lately I’ve had people want to buy pets, so I’m starting to build my pedigrees and hopefully get a successful rattery going :3

We also have a bunch of dogs, a cat, 2 chickens, a koi pond, and a bunny. I think we’re getting a little over-loaded lol