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Okay, I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of doing a screen shot, and then editing step by step.


First, I needed to brighten the skin. I used curves for this, just a gentle curve, and masked off everything but the people. I ended up with this:

This helped skin tone a lot. I removed the red using a curves layer and by switching from RGB to just the R channel. I let it go for the whole image to pull it back. THis is what I ended up with after that step:

Then I warmed it up  using a warming filter and a curves layer where I pulled down just the blue channel slightly. I got this:

It fixed the tone, but brought back the red in the skin, so I did a curves layer where I brightened overall, took down the reds, and also bumped the greens (which removes Magenta). I then got this:

I was pretty happy, so I then added a peach haze. I added a fill layer with the colour set to F9C4BD on SOFT LIGHT at 20%. This gave me the same matte feel as your other photos, but because it’s peach, it doesn’t affect skin tones. It also brightened it right up!

Then, I cropped. It’s not the best angle, and the couple will value the image, but it’s not one for the portfolio. 🙂