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First note: get rid of the music on your site -_- Nothing annoys me and many others then getting randomly blasted with music while desperately trying find the place to mute it. For the most part I like your pictures. No frill pretty photographs. That being said you have a few you just need to pull out completely, namely in the children section. There’s one where it looks like you whited out the background in post, and it’s obvious. Then one where the kid is in a chair with all sorts of weird lighting and bad white balance.

Your event work isn’t strong at all. White balance is all over the place and it’s mostly uninteresting. I would either update it, or pull it. I like your infant stuff, just watch when placing them on their backs, some of the neck positions look really uncomfortable, and I don’t necessarily mean like “omg fix that baby;s position you’re endangering them” more just that it feels uncomfortable? does that make sense?