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I understand what you mean about the easter egg, camera clicker, nesgran and ebi.  Thank you guys so much. You are all really great with the feedback and I feel like I am making progress on streamlining my website.

I fixed the black out when mousing over photos. There was a glitch in my HTML, when I took off the “enlarge” option when mousing over. Now it doesn’t black out. Which I agree, was annoying. I wasn’t sure how to fix it, but I was able to do a quick search online and find the area of code that was making it black out.

I also tweeked the menu. I hope it is a bit easier to navigate. You guys tell me.

My children and family sessions need a bit of work.  I have decided to offer some mini sessions to build my portfolio in those two areas. I’ll offer it at a reduced rate or even do some free for a couple of freinds. Unfortunately that will have to wait till after I have this baby. October is approaching soon and I’m finishing the sessions booked through September, then taking a month off to have the baby. Since babies come whenever they please, I wouldn’t want to book any October sessions and then have my water break, or go into labor when I’m in the middle of nowhere taking family pictures. That would be rather embarrassing.

I have a question about proofing galleries on my website. I’ve been debating for a while, forgoing the disc with copyright release an switching to a proofing gallery where clients can order prints. I use prolabs when I print my own work. But many of my customers are going to Walmart, CVS, ect. I notice the difference and I recommend they pay the extra and order from prolab, but they don’t seem to care.  My clients like receiving the disc and I am afraid that taking that option away, may mean losing some of them.  I’m stuck when it comes to making the decision. I would still offer the disc, but only with the images that they ordered professional prints of, or I could let them buy the disc for a fee. I’m just afraid they might not like that. What do you guys think?