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Seeing ebi’s comment, he obviously did not find your About page.  I bet a lot of people missed several parts of your site because the standard design for drop down lists is that clicking a title delivers the list.  Usually mouse-over also delivers the list.  At your site, mouse-over causes the drop down, clicking takes you to an Easter-egg.  I may not be using that term exactly correctly, Easter-eggs are an Apple thing.  You do something odd on an Apple product and you are rewarded by it giving you something extra.  In this case there is an extra page.  I would not have found the About page except that I thought your title was odd and went looking.  After seeing ebi’s comment, I went looking again and discovered I too had missed other pages.  You shouldn’t need a manual to navigate a web page.  Navigation should be reasonably obvious.

On your FAQ page (also hidden — you have to click the top title) the bottom of the page says:  “Don’t see your question here? Click on the”  — OK, click on the what?