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Thanks. I’ll make some changes.  First place to start is to take the music down. I do need to work on my event and family photography a little more. I honestly dislike doing family photo sessions, as it is difficult to get everyone looking at me at the same time, so I end up taking many shots and compositing at times, which I hate doing. I’m not sure if I just need more practice with family photos or if it’s just not my forte. I either seem to have the kids attention, or the adults, but never both.

I used to have it where when you clicked on an image, you were able to get the enlarged image. Unfortunately I found someone stealing my newborn work and decided to take that option off.
I agree with the child photo where the background is over whited, I had some issues with the backdrop wrinkling and didn’t fix it to the best of my ability so I’ll take that one down. Any tips on how to work with that? Or should I just get a better white backdrop?

I’ll also pull my event photos. I need more work in that area. So I’ll second on some weddings till I get more comfortable in that area.

The links area I do need to update. I should just take that out until I get links to all their sites. I just felt I needed to give some of my vendors some credit as they have been good to me and offered me discounts in return for photos.