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Not one.

A few notes:

Sound that starts when the page loads is bad form.  If someone happens across your page while at work in an open concept office (i.e. a cube farm) they could annoy a number of coworkers if their speakers happen to be turned up.   I have Bose speakers so if I touch the top of the volume control, it mutes the speakers.  There are other sources of sound here so I just muted your site.  The next question however, is your music either your own composition or royalty free?  Or did you pay a royalty?

The photos scroll which is interesting but if you mouse over a photo, it goes black!

I don’t know how to figure out the name of a photo.  The black army guy with a baby in the same uniform, in your Family gallery, is not as good as the rest because the shadow from his cap makes his upper face very dark and light from somewhere is making his eyes glow.  A good example of raccoon eyes.

Also in the Family gallery, the family with a black T shirt and very large “3” on the left, it looks like some of the black is clipping and some of the white is burned out.  The background is burned out/low contrast.  That shot might have been better if the background were slightly under exposed and the family were lit with flash to brighten them up.

If your About page is up-to-date, you are very pregnant.  If not, you have a toddler?

“This page is still under construction.”  Well, what page is not still under construction or just about to be under construction?  Actually, I do know of a couple but the vast majority are works in progress so the “Under construction” sign is not really necessary.

It appears some unstated questions are answered but there are no links under the links button.