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Yes. this military wives with cameras is a real thing. It’s insane. Every wife with a DSLR is doing photos. I’m not sure what they are doing boudior wise. I know I wouldn’t want my ass and titties all over Facebook. Especially when they just apply bad overlays and tints, then they blur areas to soften them. It looks awful. They need to learn how to airbrush cellulite,  liquify (and not overdo it)  areas where clothing meets the skin and makes undesirable dents/fat appear. Boudoir is all about making these women look and feel amazing. Apparently some didn’t get the memo. Because they just look like they took their clothes off and are about to be part of an orgy.

I started out doing art, as I enjoy painting and I am able to consign my pieces in coffee shops and restaurants, and it’s a portable career. Well, photography is also a portable career. Problem being is that many of these army spouses have no idea how to use their camera, or Photoshop and they don’t take the time to learn. Not all, but some.

I picked up a few courses on photography and editing as electives in college. Having an art background has also helped me, in a sense that I understand composition and light. My photos are clean, crisp and nice but I am always pushing myself to get better. I follow a lot of photographers on FB whose work I admire (and the fauxtogs for a giggle) and I see many brilliant ideas. I hope that with time and more experience I can be as great as them.

I’m not sure how these fauxtogs come out of the box, thinking they will be an overnight success. It takes time and there is a lot to learn.