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Thanks CC, I really like that first shot you put up there, and I am in awe of the dish sculpture.  That’s amazing.

Set up is in studio. Fireplace, tree beside it.  Kids will be posed in front.  2 strobes, modifiers available are 1 soft box, umbrellas, 1 beauty dish/sock.  no grids

I can get a nice little glow on the tree by lowering the SS to 20 but I’ve never met a child who can sit that still for portraits.  Strobes have been turned right down and moved away front the tree.
Maybe I just have an image in my mind that isn’t going to happen without doing a composite in PS because my tree and work space is too small to bring subjects that much farther in front.

This is what I’ve got.  Tree is about 4.5 feet tall

Here’s what I’m after ( I don’t know the photographer, just found on google images) http://www.delalanephotography.com/blog/2012/12/31/kids-christmas-portraits-2012-yucca-valley-photographer/