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there is an image in there deep. Backlit image with a lot of light in the hair but the background is not blown out. The backlight means that the sun is behind her and it would typically mean that the foreground would be dark. there would be no light in the eyes but there is an obvious small flash going off. you can see it in her eyes. It looks like a flash, not a reflector as a reflector would likely have a harder edge. Also, without bringing the exposure down, the background would be blown out.

She’s an ok photographer. Someone should start a youareamediocrephotographer website. There is a very long list of them. You see the same poses and ideas repeated. They must have a club where they go over the new poses for the year. Suspiciously, there are no reception shots, which would likely require better knowledge of flash. So my guess is she isn’t really good with nor cares to know.