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BTW, I’m not accusing her of lying. I’m accusing you of assuming too much of a person without having proof.

I’m not going to go round and round with you. Light does control you because it does force you to use different ways to control the light. If it’s straight up noon, you are forced to work in the shadows, or choose a different shutter speed or aperture, or use a gobo or diffuser.

See you say that but then you continue to argue. So i’ll just continue to feed you:

So what you are saying is that you overpower daylight when you shoot outside? Because the only way that the sun won’t have an effect on the pictures you take is if you eliminate the sun when shooting outside. I guess I don’t fully understand what type of photography you do. If it’s studio portrait sessions, then strobe makes sense, but if you are shooting outside, then what is wrong with finding the light that is right for you? No one forces anyone to shoot in the shadows. They do it because it looks beautiful. There are different types of light for different occasion. I don’t shoot in the direct sunlight very much at all. Everything is usually intentionally indirect. That’s just my style I suppose.

Anyways, look, this isn’t really about fighting here. It’s about discussion. I’ve learned things from people in here. I think people have learned things from me as well. So, just put your nun-chucks away for a few minutes, sit down, I’ll pour you a drink and we can just talk like civil adults. What’s your poison?