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Are you just fucking skipping over the informative tips and looking for the attacks? Again you are mistaking my tone on here. I’m being very matter of fact. Not rude. I’m not calling her names, I’m not calling you names. Obviously you can’t take criticism, because I’m not even really criticizing you, I’m criticizing her and YOU are taking offense. So I find it hard to believe that you could take that same level of criticism of your own work. Most people have developed a thicker skin than that after 10 years. Perhaps you just work in a market where no one knows any better. I don’t have that luxury.

You may not be new to this, but you are acting like it. Or maybe you are acting like a seasoned professional who has plateaued. Which doesn’t make any sense since you said yourself that you wanted to learn more about lighting.

You seem to have your mind made up. I’m not trying to convince you of anything regarding light. I’m simply TELLING you HOW it is. But feel free to just continue to stick your head in the sand and ignore it. I hope you don’t thought b/c there is a world of possibilities out there that I don’t think you can even comprehend yet.