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Wow!  Now you’re accusing her of lying?!  Yes, she worked for NASA, Boeing and Phillip Morris.  I would imagine it’s not on her website because she can’t post pictures that she took as an employee of NASA and Boeing on her personal website!   And yes, she did actually show me a few images from her NASA days.

I’m not going to go round and round with you.  Light does control you because it does force you to use different ways to control the light.   If it’s straight up noon, you are forced to work in the shadows, or choose a different shutter speed or aperture, or use a gobo or diffuser.

I’m not a newbie. I’ve been doing this for 10 years and have a nice little business.  I wanted to up my game a bit and really learn about lighting instead of just guessing at it and only be able to shoot at certain times of the day.  I see it as adding a new tool to my toolbox.  I don’t see a lot of photographers using lighting correctly because there’s an awful lot of flat lighting out there.  I went to someone that I know knows how to use light to my advantage.  At least I’m doing something to make my photography better.

I can take criticism, but what I can’t take is someone being rude.