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Hi, all! I’m new here.  Right now, I am actually taking lighting course with Allison Earnest who writes lighting books for Amherst Media.  We were just discussing this very thing last night.  I think the term “Natural Light Photographers” is in most cases, because they don’t know how to use lights, but I also think some people actually do have a grasp on lighting and can do natural lighting.  The newbies that are coming along call themselves natural light photographers because they have no clue what they’re doing, but genuinely think there are some good photographers out there that know how to use the light.  I’m learning off camera flash, because I want to know how to add dimension to my photographs and you really can’t do that unless you use lights.  It’s about controlling the light, not letting the light control you.  You can’t control the sun, but you can control speedlights or OCF.