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i wish i could like your main photo, but the composition is a bit weird to me.. and I can’t seem to grasp how the guy’s arm got where it is, or at least I hope it’s his if it’s that hairy lol

looking at your boudoir photos, it’s borderline fauxtog but not quite there. You can see in the expressions of your subjects that they’re enjoying getting their picture taken by you, which is great. You just need to work on getting that expression to come out in a way that better suits the mood you’re trying to set. The lighting too.

this one’s cool http://melissasuemullins.weebly.com/uploads/1/0/9/6/10961146/283046_orig.jpg but if you’re trying to capture raw human emotion like that, i’d prefer more raw, lifelike editing. it’s a bit highly airbrushed. What you could do is take that, overlay it over the same photo without all the editing, then lower the opacity until you get a right balance between wax and human.