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Thanks for your feedback Ron!

One of the reasons I dislike the popup flash, is I feel it creates a very artificial deer in headlights sort of look. I don’t think I’m using it correctly when that happens. Is there a standard distance away I’d have to be in order to minimize that effect? I was using a prime lens, so I’ve been doing walk zooming. I will mess with the power settings on the flash and report back. As for reflectors, it sounds like a good idea as well!

I can def see an improvement in the blemish removals. I didn’t do that cause I’m still learning Photoshop and the adjustment brush in Lightroom. Next stop, Youtube for tutorials!

I heard there’s more functionality between LR 3 and LR 4. I have both LightRoom 4 and Adobe CS6 but haven’t touched CS6 much.

A question I have is about highlights and shadows. What is the ‘ideal’ look for those. What makes a picture have good highlights and shadows? How does one determine that? Like, I was messing with the sliders in Lightroom just to see how the colors changed (which would explain the varying color casts) and I showed the model while I was just adjusting things. She stopped me at a certain point and told me she liked it, so I just ended up sticking with it.

For white balance, I usually get a white piece of printer paper and shoot it, then custom WBing it, but I figured since I would be in varying sunlight, AWB would be better.

Thank you for all your help and feedback!