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“While I’m unsure if CameraClicker is secretly referring to me in his last paragraph (are you?), I’m still happy to share with you my personal thoughts.”

LOL!  Not at all, ArizonaGuy.  Or, at least not any more than I am to myself and everyone else who has a computer connected to the Internet.  At the time I was writing, I was thinking about the Groupon girl and Bambi’s videos.   Some of the social sites have critique forums.  If you are providing a critique, I think it is important to post some of your own work so people can see where you are coming from.  Equally, if your work is being critiqued, you should look at the work of the person who is providing the critique; if you like that person’s work, pay attention to what they say, if you don’t like their work, you might discount what they say.

By the way, I liked the way the photos were marked up.  If I had disagreed, I would have said so.  :o)