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“Some things just can’t be taught”

I suspect nothing can be taught, only presented.  However, everything can be learned.

Some things simply make you wonder, though:

Did you see Meg Bitton’s pricing:  http://www.megbitton.com/mobile/text_section.php?multi_id=3&active_btn=4 ?  Someone who responded to the post in the other forum participated in her web session!

Nothing to do with photography, but, I live in Toronto.  If you live on Planet Earth, and pay any attention to news or comedy shows, you have probably heard of our city, and our mayor, Rob Ford.    There was a bit in the news last April, about a video someone was trying to sell for $200,000, which showed our mayor smoking from a crack pipe.  The mayor denied the existence of the video — probably because he had been successful at having it deleted.  Everything died down.  Then, around mid-October, we started to see revelations in the media, again.  Among them, the police announced they had picked up some computers in a raid they performed in the city’s north west.  And, they said they recovered a collection of deleted files, which included a video that appeared to match reports of the video someone had tried to sell, details matched reports in the Toronto Star and on Gawker!  Since the announcement, there have been many news cycles and much has been televised.  We have seen:

The mayor admitted to “probably smoking crack about a year ago while in a drunken stupor”!

The mayor admitted to being drunk at Taste of the Danforth, a street party put on by a business community.

The mayor stood up in council (which was televised) and said he was still tough on drugs, guns and gangs, then in the next breath admitted he had purchased illegal drugs during the last two years!  That is during the time he has been mayor.

The mayor continued by admitting to TV cameras that he had been drinking and driving.

Yesterday, everyone was upset because he had used vulgar language while responding to contents of reports of police surveillance of him and what someone had told police!

So, while the mayor’s brother (also a municipal politician) was calling for the chief of police to step down because he answered a question in a news conference by saying he was “disappointed” and concerned for the city’s reputation, the mayor has no intention of stepping down and is planning on running for re-election a year from now!  This is the same mayor who had an employee fired for being asleep on the job, yet feels apologies for his own actions absolve him and he must continue doing his job!  There are even people who think he could win another election!  It has been said that as much as 30 to 35% of the electorate may still support him!

So much for self awareness and honesty!