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Her prices don’t bother me so much. She marketed purposefully to create a higher end demand. The price for “teaching” does though. But, when you have photographers who are willing and able to pay for it… Well it doesn’t make it right, but WTH?! Why not? It DOES make you wonder though, how much of her income is actually from her photography business rather than selling to photographers. Are her photography prices out there for us to drool over and want for ourselves? So we think “Hey! She did it, I can do it too if I follow her and get all I can from her”. Or is her photography business really thriving, growing, and working as is appears to?

I have a rule that I follow , if the photographer that I admire, or am getting any sort of information from has a “for photographers” tab or a damn store, or their Facebook and social media isn’t geared towards clients, and more geared towards selling to photographers, I’m a little more scrutinizing/careful and take anything they say about the business (creative or otherwise) with a grain of salt. Because what is your business exsactly? Selling to me or selling your photography? If it looks as though all you shoot is at your workshops, and/or set up and stylized for you with models and the whole bit… I’m not interested in your puppetry regardless of how “good” you are.

No, I wouldn’t pay to learn from Meg Bitton, and I’m not too interested in following her, but at the same time I don’t get a strong in your face vibe that her main business/goal is selling to us like so many others out there, I just question maybe, possibly it is. I question it enough, that I’m not interested.