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I enjoy those who post a link to their work and ask for a true and honest critique, that tells me this person is looking to improve their skills and produce better work or looking for confirmation that they are on the right track.

If I have the time to offer some advice, I will, if I don’t have time, I leave it alone. I think some or most are truly honored that someone would take the time away from their business to offer up some free advice. Sadly, there is no guarantee that the advice you seek will match your expectations. There are other sites that offer strictly professional critiques, but most charge a fee, so consider yourself lucky that we take time to look at your photos at all.

You get what you paid for! I have to pay my accountant $150/hour for his advice.
Not all of us are fully professional, some have full and part-time jobs to make ends meet.

If you feel that we gave you a RAW deal, try one of the other sites and see what CC you get from there. If you get the same or similar advice, then you have to look at the common element in the problem.

As for not linking my work in this forum. I never asked for a critique, I have nothing to prove. You can see some selected works on my Flickr page, but that is it.
Some of us cannot show you our works due to contractual agreements, some of my images I can’t show you since I have sold the rights.
I’m not a master or almighty wizard, but if any of my advice or critiques help anyone out in their photography then great, if not, then it was free.