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No, not BS

I take what I need from any opinion I get. I have never once been appalled, or butt hurt over anyone offering me their time, and opinion. Every critique, good, bad, short, detailed, etc has substance, and something we all can use to better our photography and/or our presentation. I usually don’t take much from gear heads, and photoshop artists who do most of their work after the shutter is clicked, but not because what they say has no validity. Only because I’d rather hear how to make a shot better before the shutter clicks, and I don’t think gear is all that important or should I say… It’s more of a personal choice that the individual photographer should make, as they are the only ones that know what they need want to get the images they desire. Plus, a better camera can’t fix boring, badly composed work, only what’s between the ears can.
That said, others may get more from photoshop/editing help, or help with gear that may suit their needs better. We all work differently, and take away different things from critiques (not just our own, but other’s as well). I chose to find what helps me improve, and takes me in the direction I want to go, others may chose to take away nothing, and instead think everyone in a forum is moronic, or just a bunch of jealous bullies.

I’m no expert, and never claimed to be. I have a LOT of learning and evolving to do. I know just enough about photography, to know I don’t know enough. This is what I love so dearly about it. I highly doubt that anyone coming here thinks that we all are a bunch of highly acclaimed photographers out to serve them free advice on YANAP lol no, I’m not buying it. We are just peers, people learning photography just like everyone else who posts here.

Just because I chose not to make a living with my photography, and keep it a hobby for myself, does NOT mean my photography has no merit or value, and certainly doesn’t mean my opinion doesn’t have any merit or value either. You DO realize that every single feature on the front page was created by a pro photographer who gets paid for their photography services? lol

And like every other time a post like this one happens I’ll shake my head, and link to my POD

I seriously don’t understand how viewing my photography will somehow change someone else’s critique and make their photography any better. Their photography is about them, and what they are willing to put into it, it’s not about me at all.

Maybe give this link a read

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