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After many of the comments I’ve read from authors who i mistakenly believed to be experts in their craft worthy of critiquing others’ works, I can see from whence they come is self-styled “master photographers.”

In medicine, it has been said that an inept clinician will often whisper advice from cover rather than risk its merit at the point of attack by referring to another doctor then lambasting him / her when a treatment plan goes bad. I can see that this board is chock full of such people.

Put your money where your mouth is. Every one of you. Show us, pray tell, your UNIQUE and PROFESSIONAL work. I particularly like this comment:

I have received negative critique, and have never once got defensive and said “let me see YOUR work, know it all! I ask questions.”

BS. You might have done that if the person kindly said “check your lighting or composure to alter the scene a little and it’ll do wonders.” If it was from the the rest of these clods, you would first rifle through every image the other person has ever posted and say “Who’s he kidding?! Mine are better!”

As I said before I’m a doctor, not a pro photographer, and at this point I’m glad I stuck around this forum just long enough to see everyone’s true colors.

As I said before, this site is around so those of you not making any money have a place to vent by laughing at others. Keep laughing, it’s fine.  🙂