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Do you know what bad acting is? You may not be an actor, but you can tell when someone sucks.

A bad chef has bad food. A bad contractor has shotty construction. A bad spokesperson doesn’t sell product.

Even people in other fields that are bad at their job, still get paid. Photography is no different.

That being said, you also don’t need to be a photographer to know that a photo is bad; Just like you don’t need to be a chef to know something doesn’t taste good.
Also, the New York Cab photo you’re referring to is one of the FEW instances where spot colouring works…ish. Chances are, it still would have been a decent photo in full colour, properly lit.

More often than not, if your photo can’t stand on it’s own in colour or in black and white… it won’t stand on it’s own with selective colour (or ‘dutch angle’ for that matter)


Your argument is just silly. You sound like someone who didn’t get the reaction they wanted from a critique they ASKED for. (and by ‘sound like someone’ I mean ‘I know this is the root of this’)