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I just wanted to add, critique is actually quite hard for many to take. Some love it but others take it very personally – which of course isn’t the intention. But nonetheless when someone has laboured over something and put their heart and soul into it, then yes, it is kinda personal. I think over time, you hopefully develop a harder shell but in the beginning it can reduce you to tears – most of us have been there!

I still get upset by harsh criticism sometimes, in the moment it’s being said, when I’m not feeling objective or I think I’ve just done something great. But, after sleeping on it and giving myself some time to gain a little objectivity over things, I normally agree with what has been said or at least, can see the critiquers point of view. It is hard, we’re human and all have some ego. But you have to leave your ego at the door when it comes to critique – otherwise you’ll never benefit or develop as an artist, photographer etc.; how can you expect to when all you get is praise and no one is telling you what is wrong with your work?