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Another futile attempt on my part to try to help you understand where I’m coming from. One of my favorite blog posts http://kennethjarecke.typepad.com/mostly_true/2012/02/chances-are-you-suck.html
I suck, and I love that I do, because the day that I don’t, is the day I quit learning.

The harshest, most horrid thoughtless, and outright meanest critique given here was “nice family snap shots”. The tog left happy as heck saying “thank you” not knowing that what was said was negative. No one here had anything to add to help her see otherwise. Only that one response. I bet her photography hasn’t improved one bit since that day and she’s still charging people for her services and wondering why it’s not working well. That is unless someone finally gives her a proper critique, or she moves on to something else entirely because no one has given her their time and honest feedback.