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So because I said you should add your 2 cents to the critiques given here when you feel more of the positives should be pointed out, went on to explain why I critique the way I do, and why criticism is so important, linked to an article trying to explain why you shouldn’t get butt hurt or defensive when receiving criticism ( and more), and linked to my own work, I gave you nothing substantive? Or is it because I don’t photograph for money?
I gave you my thoughts and opinions on the subject. An opinion that is quite largely shared among not only photographers, but all creative mediums. It’s ok that you don’t share the same opinions on this, but that doesn’t somehow make how we feel wrong, or the OP or yourself for that matter. We only explained that he will most likely not get what he’s looking for here, and why. Not unless YOU yourself, or someone who feels similarly as you is willing to offer it along side our more harsh/honest critiques. Step up or step off. Well… I suppose there’s no need to step off, but your attempts to try to change the way I feel and/or critique are futile.