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What is so terribly cumbersome about posting your own work with a “here ya go.”?

As has been pointed out in this thread, most of us have put links to some of our photos somewhere on this site.  Some are in Photography Showcase and some are buried in one or more of the threads.  After the nonsense filled post you provided after I posted a link to a photo that was a gift to a restaurant that treated us well, and they liked enough to use on their Facebook page, it wouldn’t surprise me if no one else bothered to direct you to any of their work.  Your post was the best argument so far regarding why none of us should post our work for those receiving a critique to view.

The original post stated constructive criticism should be both positive and negative.  No.  It should be helpful.

It stated the poster would like to see some photos, and we saw how well that worked out.

It went on about some celebrity chefs and their critics.  I’m not a huge fan of celebrity chef’s food.

It expressed the belief that we are fearful of and attempting to discourage fauxtographers who can undercut prices.  It continued on with something about microstock.  I think most of us are more annoyed than fearful.  I also think most of us believe a customer should receive value and would actively discourage anyone from attempting a wedding before they are competent.  This stems from wedding re-dos being horrendously expensive if they are possible at all and if you are hiring a “professional” photographer, you expect them to get it right on the first try.  We have seen photos from supposed professionals containing a featureless bride and/or groom!  That should be discouraged!  Microstock?  Whatever.

It suggests selective colouring is acceptable because there is a picture of a yellow taxi at a poster store.  Once in a while selective colour works really well, we had a discussion here about it and there was a link to someone who did beautiful selective colour.  By itself, it won’t make you professional or not, it won’t even make you good or bad.  Poorly done selective colour, however, will make you look bad.

And then we are back to “show us”


So, who is John?  And, why was he shot?