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Eye doc,

why not step in and give your 2 cents when you feel others are being caustic and unfair? Or when you feel encouragement needs to be given? Then maybe their critique will feel more balanced to you, and to them.

I get what you are trying to say, but the only reason why your bedside manner worked, is because she had already been told the truth about her condition. If she had been your patient first, then you would have been the barer of the bad news. Of course, you wouldn’t have said there’s nothing to be done and instead, given her her shot/treatments, while saying something like “let’s try to prolong this as long as possible” but the “critique” would be the same.

I have to say though, I would have hated if my doctors hadn’t been straight forward and no nonsense with me, and gave me a false sense of “everything will be alright, we’ll make you 20/20 again”. I did much better hearing the truth “your left eye is a goner, it’s all about trying to save your right eye at this point, and it won’t be as straight forward as we originally thought”. Honesty without fluff. It’s what I like, and want for myself and so, I do my best to be honest as I can to others as well. Ebi is my favorite contributor on the forum. Straight, and to the point, and what we all thought/think at first glance, but try to reword a different way, or elaborate on when we post. If I could pick just one person to critique my work online from here on out, it would be Ebi. Yes, it’d be more work on my part to ask questions and pull more out of them, but I know I wouldn’t be bullshitted, and I wouldn’t have to sift through pleasantries to get the help/information I needed.

Interested in a good no bull crap critique, and haven’t got the time to make nice, and rather hear things straight up? YANAP is pretty ok for that, but here might be even better if it’s an individual shot you need help/critique on.

How to Get Genuine Feedback On Your Photographs

That’s right. There are so many “nice” forums and Facebook groups and “oohing and ahhing” friends and family, that people felt the need to cut the crap, and start a “negative only” critique forum. Need encouragement? Post a couple pictures on Facebook, by the end of the day you’ll feel like the next best thing. I feel it’s just unnecessary and maybe even detrimental to add more ego boosting to what we are all exposed to every time we share.

The first time I sought out critique/help with a photograph it took me weeks to find the help I needed. All I got was empty praise “great shot! Beautiful! You did a fabulous job! Great capture!” Uurrrrgh! I wanted to pull my hair out and scream! “No! I need your help! Why did this happen, why did that happen? I made a good shot, but it wasn’t what I was after, and I have no understanding of my lighting at all, and not only would I never be able to duplicate it if I tried, I still don’t know how to get what I really wanted! Help me understand it!”

Look truth is. If you received a more positive critique, it’s because your photography is better than someone who didn’t, or due to the fact that you aren’t selling your services. Pros get harsher more critical feedback, than amateurs do. Rightfully so.