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Eye Doc, I must say that you’re being rather unfair on CC. He has never once bigged himself up and said he some supremo photographer. All he has ever done is give out really helpful and comprehensive technical advice to anyone who asks. Mybe you didn’t like that image, but does that detract any from the advice and help CC gives? The answer is no.

I disagree that it is necessary to see the critiquers work before accepting any advice or opinion they wish to offer. What difference does it make? Yes sometimes it’s subjective and opinions will vary, but most critique on here seems to be technical and that’s either right or wrong surely? If someone says an image is out of focus, bad colour temp, bad crop, distracting b/g etc. Then they are either right or wrong so who cares what their work is like?
The cry of ‘let me see your work then you friggin smart ass’, to me is a deflection by the person being critiqued. Instead of actually addressing any faults or issues raised by those critiquing.