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Looks like you closed the album in the OP, so I can’t make any commentary about that.


Flat lighting (no shadows causing it to look 2-dimensional instead of 3D) can be useful on certain product shots, although I like to have some shadows or a separate light to make textures come out. Flat is not very good on portraits, but the kid you posted had some nice shadows.

As far as advice, when doing product shots, frame the subject the way you want it, then put your camera on a tripod, and turn off VC if your lens has that.  You should shoot only in manual, and probably even manually focus it. This gives you repeatability. Adjust the lights and aperture as needed until it’s exactly what you want. It will take a few tries, but if you’re not keeping things constant, any changes you make could be due to many different variables. Once you have the shot you want, take the card out of the camera (leaving the camera on the tripod), and go check it on your computer. Don’t break down or move anything until you know it’s perfect.


I shoot tethered to a laptop when doing critical product photography, so I can check each shot immediately (and even fire the camera with the laptop, which is needed if I have the camera 6 feet up).