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Thank you so much for that, cameraclicker!  Really helpful and kind of you (and thanks, yes, she’s cute as pie but it definitely a tempestuous redhead 🙂 ).

My flashgun is a Metz, but I will look into the commander mode.  I had a very old old flash gun which had a funny little handle thing which meant you could attach the flash to that, and a separate hotshoe to the camera which meant you could hold it off-camera; but my Metz doesn’t have that.  I do need to get off my butt and look into it really as it’s a cool function to have.

I’ve just had a fiddle and lightroom does have the eyedropper tool, but it works with percentages rather than numbers (100% being white, it seems).

As for the focus, yes, I was using my macro/portrait lens and f3.2 for the first, f3 for the second.  I absolutely love the lens but it’s such a slow focusing one that it does mean I have to take LOTS of pics to get some with the focus just right.  And I suppose, with a plain background, I don’t need it to be such a small depth of field.  Normally I love to get some nice, blurry bits in the background but, again, this whole ‘makeshift studio’ thing is new territory…


Thanks again so much for your help and encouragement!