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Your second link did not work.

Many fluorescent bulbs have a greenish cast.   Magnolia appears to be a yellow/peach depending on the reference photo.  Perhaps there is something throwing off the camera’s white balance?  What white balance is the camera set for?  Try setting Daylight, since the bulbs are supposed to be daylight balanced.  Sometimes the softbox throws off white balance when the camera is guessing at it.

You can use an editor like Photoshop or Photoshop Elements to make corrections. If your backdrop is white, you can use it as a reference, even if it is only lit to grey.  If the background is coloured, pick up a grey card at the photo store and shoot it as a reference for the light.  It will also help with your metering as one side is white and the other is 18% grey.  These are your photos, adjusted using Adobe Camera Raw and Photoshop: