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Typical faux problems are out of focus/blurry shots as an example. There is no excuse for unsharp photos with the exception of being a journalist and people are shooting at you (with guns that is). Much of that side of things boils down to not having the technical skills to handle the camera. Other tell tale signs are a poor business plan and inadequate equipment. Not paying taxes and insurance is again a typical faux corner cutting. Many fauxes have a shitty attitude which makes them look really unprofessional.

Your stereotypical faux if I generalise a bit is a stay at home mom who bought an entry level DSLR to shoot the kids. People then lavished praise on her photography and she decides to start a photography business on the side. She will be out of business within a year with minimal loss as she already had the camera and won’t be buying any more gear, unless they get sued obviously. Then there are the people who invest a lot more and buy equipment without knowing what they are really doing. These are my favourite people as you can usually pick up mint second hand kit from them at good prices. Their private finances will suffer though. The “guy with camera” (GWC commonly) is the sleaze who often has some knowledge of photography, invest in lots of gear and use it to get pretty young girls to undress for him.

Lack of training isn’t usually what annoys photographers but rather the fauxs inadequacies as a photographer and that they are undercutting the established market by not paying tax etc.

If you want some inspiration for good photography, look at 500px.com and browse their most popular works. They are almost invariably good photos in many different categories.