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Thank you for bringing it up. To sum up the convos on here:

OP: Let me know what you think?

Replies: Comp is off, whats with the framing, ease up on the post, stop using so much back light. How long have you been shooting?

OP: <1 year.

Reply: ZOMFG stop charging. You are a fauxtog. Practice for more 85 years and once you can name all the points to lighting outside then come back to the field. Study it till all the passion is sucked out of you. Here is my stuff so you can compose, light and post like I do cuz this is the ‘right’ way to make art.

I find it weird that people say photography is 80% business. Then when you are running the business side of it really well they say that you are not becoming a photographer the right way?

Anyway, just needed to vent on what I also thought was some unfair attacks on some rising photographers.