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@poka my pleasure. To this is all in my opinion.

http://malulaphotography.tumblr.com/ was told that she is a faux. Which, compared to all the funny photos posted on this site, is an unwarranted call.

https://www.facebook.com/jvendettiphotography/ was also told she is a faux. Quite a bit nicer than Malula,.

https://www.facebook.com/photography.meganray was a little bit off. For me too.

Anyway those were just a few that I can think of for now.

Though I do agree that they aren’t at the level that some of us are (not to sound real high and mighty) I just don’t think that there is this necessarily a cut off point.

I think that mostly everyone has the right to charge whatever they want. I think there are FAUX photographers. And it’s so incredibly clear who they are. and none of the people here would ever make it to the front page of this site.

Then there are the rest. These people have every right to charge whatever they want. It’s really up to you to change your clients mind from making your photography “cost” this much, to being “worth” this much.