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Sorry to break it to you but it’s cheating a lot. But using actions is exactly the same as using auto instead of manual on a camera. Using actions means that you don’t know what you are controlling and aren’t learning.  Photoshop isn’t cheating. I thought about it and it’s as cheat as using A DSLR.

Do you allow the camera to evaluate what kind of photo that will come out of a camera? It doesn’t matter if you are already so rehearsed with the outcome of an action, it’s exactly the same as letting the camera shoot in auto and saying, “no i chose to do auto because I knew this setting would react like this”. Adjusting things like luminance and saturation doesn’t take long and are easy [also white balance shouldn’t be done on Lightroom. That should be done in camera and you should be shooting in K] .

If you cut down photography as 3 equal areas. Planning, Shooting, Post-Production. You just said that you are only 2 thirds a photographer and one third computer.

The fundamental things that Photoshop allows isn’t cheating. Grading something allows you to do so much and creates a lot of platforms for you to enhance a photo. Using Presets however is cheating.