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Your techniques with camera are pretty good, so i won’t comment on that, instead though I will say that If you are going to take the next step with your portraiture or fashion then you need to realize that how they pose and their body language greatly affects the photo.

[http://www.flickr.com/photos/roxanne_elise_photography/8018748116/in/photostream] love this photo. Good job.


She looks really awkward and it’s too posed. Her eyes and mouth just don’t make it seem as though she’s relaxed. Whenever I shoot with a new model or someone i’ve never worked with, the first hour of photography is usually rubbish. Because I spend time making it feel as though the poses don’t matter. And when that happens, when she relaxes, then the more natural positions comes out and things fall into place.

For example


why does she have her face on the wall? the wall is neither sexy nor is it appealing. The pose isn’t necessary.


Don’t make them do the go 2 pose of hand on hips. and if that happens, be aware of the other arm that it doesn’t just dangle there.

Anyway that’s it on body language now to your grading.

I think you might be getting too comfortable with your grading. For example. ┬áThe basketballer shoot just didn’t fit the part. With the grading it gave the photo a soft atmosphere as opposed to what the image.


this image could have been really powerful but the grading to this just didn’t fit at all.

Just make sure that you aren’t too comfortable with grading. This could have been an opportunity for you to try out different techniques, different feels but to me this photo fell really short to the impact it could have.

I know that all of them are individually graded. But they were all running in the similar direction